Apache Industrial is a certified applicator of over three dozen fireproofing materials and keeps up-to-date on the latest manufacturer applicator training.

Combination of cementitious fireproofing with scaffolding support

Fireproofing Services

Apache’s management and operations teams work to sustain our craftsmen performing at the highest level of quality and safety in the industry. Fireproofing is our expertise and passion—our applicators apply hundreds of thousands of square feet of fireproofing every year, day in and day out.

Shop Fireproofing

  • Shop Fireproofing

  • Modular Fireproofing

  • Field-Applied Fireproofing

  • Offshore Fireproofing

Thin film intumescent fireproofing

Shop Fireproofing

Apache’s North Lake Houston Facility is the premier facility for shop-applied fireproofing on the Gulf Coast. We have over 100 acres of blasting, painting, and fireproofing space with 330,000 square feet of climate-controlled workspace. Our peak capacity for fireproofing can reach as high as 300,000 square feet of structural steel per month. If you can put it on a truck, it can be fireproofed at our shop.

Lightweight cementitious fireproofing

Modular Fireproofing

Apache can provide turnkey services for delivery of fireproofing—including blasting, painting, fireproofing application, and scaffold support at any facility around the country. Whether at our facility or yours, we can develop an execution plan to meet your project needs.

Combination of cementitious fireproofing with scaffolding support

Field-Applied Fireproofing

Fireproofing your buildings and equipment is essential in high-risk environments. Apache’s extensive experience is the greatest value we can provide our customer. We execute field fireproofing with equal emphasis on schedule, quality, safety, productivity, and cost.

Our management team will work with you to provide custom-tailored execution plans to meet the needs of your project, including project controls, QA/QC, HSE, and scheduling. Our extensive knowledge of our craft allows us to integrate our established processes seamlessly with the needs of your project.

Offshore Platform

Offshore Fireproofing

Apache is one of the leading fireproofers in the offshore industry, executing multiple large structures every year. We meet this challenging industry with our skilled and experienced leadership, adapting to frequent schedule changes and accelerations, delivering top-of-the-line quality in our craftsmanship, all while performing this work in a safe manner.

Our fireproofing experience in this industry includes field-applied deck or pancake sections, modular block-out tie-in areas, architectural building fireproofing, and underdeck/wall areas. These are all able to be performed on ground level, in the shop, in an elevated position, or over water.

Fireproofing Systems and Markets

Apache’s expert team is qualified to apply every intumescent and cementitious fireproofing application. The following are some of the most common applications we work with:

  • Albi-Clad
  • Chartek
  • Fendolite
  • Firetex
  • Pitt-Char
  • Pyrocrete
  • Thermolag
  • Jotachar

Apache is the industry leader for passive fireproofing application across both industrial and commercial sectors, including but not limited to refineries, LNG, petrochemical, blue and green gas facilities, semiconductors, fabrication facilities, and our state-of-the-art shop in Houston.

  • Apache’s quality and workmanship are considered the industry’s highest standard
  • Most experienced leadership and qualified workforce in the industry
  • Shop and field applications with the ability and expertise to execute large-scale jobs safely, on time, and on budget
  • We have extensive experience applying fireproofing to:
    • Structural steel (stick, frames, trusses, etc.)
    • Modules and skids
    • Pressure vessels and equipment supports
    • Living quarters and electrical buildings
    • Industrial and commercial buildings
    • Offshore structures
Fireproofing preparations

The Apache Difference

The pride that our team members experience every day reflects the importance we place on our people, whose actions serve as the backbone of our operations. They define who we are, drive performance, and ensure the highest degree of safety. No other company in this industry recruits, trains, and develops their employees to become expert craft professionals like Apache Industrial.

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Other Services

Material staged at NLH scaffold yard


Apache will design, install, and dismantle scaffolding for any type of application, utilizing both pin-lock and cup-lock type scaffolding systems. Our scaffold storage yards are strategically located to service the scaffolding needs of customers across North America.

Hex-mesh installation for refractory application


Apache provides a single point of contact for refractory projects in system design support, cause of failure investigation, preplanning, project execution, and QA/QC. Our fleet of equipment is the newest and highest-rated in the industry.

Removable insulation cover


Apache handles insulation projects ranging from asbestos concerns to corrosion-prevention measures, emphasizing customer-specific solutions and cost savings. Our skilled and knowledgeable craft professionals execute maintenance, capital, and turnaround projects safely and efficiently. 

Abatement crew inside containment


Apache’s abatement experts are certified and trained to complete any size abatement project, including lead, asbestos, and mold containment, using state-of-the-art methodology including mechanical, chemical, vacuum, wet, and abrasive blasting. 

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