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Thermal spray aluminum application (TSA)

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By combining the following services, we aim to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and ensure the highest standards of quality, safety, and environmental compliance. Our commitment to delivering excellence in each aspect of the project results in successful outcomes and delighted customers.


  • Scaffolding

  • Refractory

  • Fireproofing

  • Coatings

  • Insulation

  • Digital Solutions

  • Allform™

  • Abatement

Material staged at NLH scaffold yard


Design, install, and dismantle scaffolding for any type of application, uti­lizing both pin-lock and cup-lock type scaf­folding systems. In addition to labor, Apache maintains an impressive scaffold rental de­partment, dispatching equipment nationwide. Our scaffold storage yards are strategi­cally located to service the scaffolding needs of customers in North America.

Hex-mesh installation for refractory application


Apache provides a single point of contact for refractory projects in system design support, cause of failure investiga­tion, preplanning, project execution, and QA/QC. Our fleet of equipment is the newest and highest-rated in the industry, including our use of Allentown gunite rigs, regarded as the best in the industry. Refracto­ry projects include maintenance and turn­around experience, with the ability to sup­port projects with shop installations. Using computerized anchoring systems, we assure our client of a quality installation with each weld. Refractory applications in­clude hand-pack, ramming, gunite, and block installations, with a specialty in heater/fur­nace and coker projects.

Fireproofing being applied


Apache performs fireproofing at the highest level of service in the indus­try. Projects are approached with solutions that are customized to meet the specific needs of our customers. Our solution to each project includes quality, safety, and productivity performed by experienced fire­proofing applicators with tested leadership. We are a certified applicator of virtually all intumescent epoxy passive fire protec­tion coating systems, as well as several light­weight cementitious systems.

Spray application in North Lake Houston spray booth


Apache has exten­sive coatings and lining expertise in both shop and field projects. Projects include fabricated pipe spools, straight-run pipe, tank plates, structural steel, modules, pressure vessels, and more. All Apache shops are supported by an experienced quality inspection team that holds Association for Materials Protection and Performance coatings inspector program credentials.

Removable insulation cover


Within this division, Apache is well-equipped to handle a range of projects, from addressing asbestos concerns to implementing cor­rosion-prevention measures, all while emphasizing custom­er-specific solutions and poten­tial cost savings. We have a system approach to CUI, in­corporating skilled and knowl­edgeable craft professionals to execute main­tenance, capital, and turnaround projects safely and efficiently. This is accentuated by incorpo­rating quality inspection teams that follow fully developed in­spection plans. 

InOne - 3D scanning and 3D modeling

Digital Solutions

With a commitment to leading the industry in digitization and technology, Apache provides a comprehensive suite of digital services to complement our product offerings. Services include a digital project management system, scanning, design, and modeling 3D digital services. The breadth of our capabilities combined with industry-leading experience and expertise ensure the quality, efficiency, and safety of every project.

Forming and shoring equipment


Apache’s construction support services were designed to assist and enhance our engineered solutions to accelerate customer projects. With the use of our patented Allform™ technology, we are mak­ing innovative concrete construction that is safer and more efficient. The Allform™ form­ing system has been proven to increase labor efficiency by using fewer pieces. Lighter materials provide a means for safer handling of pieces. This system approach allows for less complex designs. A full-service engineering services staff designs and produces detailed drawings, enhancing the Apache experience.

Abatement crew inside containment


Apache’s abatement experts are certified and trained to complete any size abatement project, including lead, asbes­tos, and mold containment abatement, us­ing state-of-the-art methodology including mechanical, chemical, vacuum, wet, and abrasive blasting. Our highly skilled and knowledgeable asbestos abatement teams are capable of working in multiple states using in-house expertise to design and manage abatement plans for industrial projects. Abatement is approached through the involvement of our HSE lead abatement procedures, with experienced and trained operations teams producing a plan that is safe for people and the environment.

Apache employee displaying our safety culture

Safety Matters

From a safety standpoint, everything that we do is focused on the hardworking men and women who do their best to represent the best interests of Apache on a daily basis. We are given the opportunity to work in some of the most complex environments imaginable, and as an organization, we are committed to executing that work in a safe, healthy, and environmentally conscious way. 

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North Lake Houston facility and scaffold yard


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