Refractory Services

Apache Industrial Services specializes in refractory applications and installations for new and existing industrial furnaces, incinerators, and boilers. We maintain an inventory of refractory materials and castables to meet the emergency needs of any customer.

Your Partner for Refractory Needs

Proper refractory construction is a critical component of the preservation of valuable industrial process equipment for the longest period possible. Apache Industrial Services continues to pursue the goal of becoming the premier industrial refractory construction provider, in the process helping our customers to maximize the value of their equipment investments.

Apache Industrial Services is committed to becoming your first choice for refractory services. Our ongoing goal is to offer consistently high standards of safety, quality, and technical excellence. We understand our customers’ need to balance timely completion of construction, employee safety, and professional project execution. By placing an emphasis on training, we continually reinforce good safety practices, quality workmanship, and industry standard management and execution methodologies.

Critical applications demand an exceptional level of refractory performance and reliability. Apache Industrial Services specialize in the installation of refractory and corrosion materials for critical applications.

Refractory has long been an indispensable component of manufacturing and processing industries involving high heat. Recognizing the importance of the products that are born of these processes in our everyday lives, metal, glass, chemical, mineral, energy and ceramics, highlights the critical nature of quality refractory linings in the manufacturing process.