Industrial Services, Fireproofing, Scaffolding, Coatings

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  • Apache Industrial Services, Inc.

    250 Assay Street Suite 400
    Houston, TX 77044
       PH: 713.450.9307
       FX: 713.450.2447

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  • Apache Industrial Services Ad in BIC Magazine

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    This is an excerpt of the Ad that ran on page 101: Apache Fire Protects Your Most Important Assets Fireproofing for the Future. Performance is driven by safety. And when it comes to the safety of employees and the security of structural assets, fireproofing is a critical element. Read...
    Every Week, Safety Week

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    Apache Industrial Services was recently featured in Coatings Pro Magazine (January 2013). Below is an excerpt. Every Week, Safety Week Photos By Raleigh Whitehead To Michael Knigin, CEO of Apache Industrial Services, safety isn’t something that should be “browbeaten into a crew.”...

    About Apache Industrial Services

    about apache industrial servicesApache Industrial Services, Inc. has taken a leadership position in acquiring and utilizing proven advanced technologies to our clients' benefit. In addition to investing in the newest and best technology to meet the needs of the Petrochemical, Industrial, and Energy sectors, Apache Industrial Services also heavily invests in training for the technicians that ultimately operate the instruments.

    The combination of advanced technology and highly trained technicians produces unparalleled results and significant savings for our clients.

    Every Week, Safety Week