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Shop Facility & Craft Training Center

Apache recently completed the construction of the largest shop facility (committed to soft craft activities) in the United States.


Tastylia Germany - Buy tastylia oral strips online without prescription

The facility represents a tremendous opportunity for our customers to leverage Apache’s shop application/installation expertise to reduce field-related cost and risk. The facility is equipped to handle shop application on installation of coatings, fireproofing, TSA, refractory, and insulation of all varieties.
Apache’s Craft Training Center will provide the organization and its customers a meaningful competitive advantage with regard to qualification, training, and retention of our greatest asset—our people. In addition to traditional classroom style/written evaluations and training, Apache will be able to perform pre-job field performance assessments and training at the facility for all crafts (scaffolding, insulation, etc.).
Apache expects to administer safety and skills/craft training at the facility on a regular and scheduled basis. Apache will collaborate with a number of technical organizations at the training center including NCCER, NACE, SIA, OSHA, HASC, and others.