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Coatings and Linings

Technically skilled, competent and experienced in current technologies, using qualified applicators.

Production efforts are fully supported by a dedicated safety and quality team.
AIS offers a full range of service for soft crafts that serve the following markets: Petrochemical, Refining, Chemical, Power Generation, Offshore & Marine, Oil & Gas Transportation, Wastewater and Water.

AIS experienced in all protective and marine coatings including their application. Steel and Concrete installations

Recognized leader in application of fireproofing – shop and field. Intumescent, Subliming, Cementitious – Lightweight, Dense, Shotcrete/Gunite

Ability to combine services to provide more cohesive project – project management, cost and reporting.

Implementation of comprehensive programs including safety plan, training, applicator qualification, quality plan, KPI’s along with cost and productivity reporting.