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What began as a motto, has itself become a mandate which Apache strives to provide its clients with the very best personnel, equipment and knowledge available today.

Apache has instituted a comprehensive safety program throughout all of its corporate entities which provides policies, procedures training for the safe delivery of all its various services. Experience and understanding of the work environment, as well as the working person, has led to a practical and effective Health, Safety and Environmental Protection Program.

The Health and Safety Program was developed using OSHA & Petroleum Industry standards with assistance from various other companies, employees and suppliers. The program effectively addresses a variety of different work tasks while still having the flexibility to meet site-specific applications.

All employees receive a comprehensive company orientation with emphasis on Apache’s Safety and Quality Standards. This orientation is usually followed by a site-specific orientation. These employees understand their responsibility to safety and are rewarded for their performance and participation in this program.

The Health and Safety of personnel, and the prevention of accidents, injuries and damages, are of prime importance to all operations of the company.

* Apache provides 24 hour access to Safety Advisors throughout and after duration of projects.