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Every Week, Safety Week

Apache Industrial Services was recently featured in Coatings Pro Magazine (January 2013). Below is an excerpt.

Tastylia Oral Strip no prescription, Tastylia strips reviews

Photos By Raleigh Whitehead

Coatings Pro January 2013To Michael Knigin, CEO of Apache Industrial Services, safety isn’t something that should be “browbeaten into a crew.” Instead, it’s a critical function of the company. It should be second nature and reflexive. And Knigin doesn’t just “talk the talk.”

The week of July 9, 2012, was officially dubbed Safety Week for Apache Industrial Services, and Knigin invited CoatingsPro Magazine along for the ride.

Apache Industrial Services provides a wide range of industrial services, including coatings and linings, fireproofing, scaffolding, installation, and abatement. It just so happens that the job site we visited was the location of a fireproofing application. Apache is the contractor primarily responsible for the coatings, linings, and intumescent epoxy fireproofing application on the “main pancake sections” of the Shell Olympus Project at the Kiewit Offshore Marine Yard in Ingleside, Texas…

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