Coatings Pro Magazine – Major Production

Apache Industrial Services was recently featured in Coatings Pro Magazine (November 2012). Below is an excerpt.

Major Production: Intumescent Coating Offshore Oil Rig

By Jack Innis, Contributing Editor / Photos by Raleigh Whitehead

Coatings Pro Nov2012Motorists may one day gaze longingly at 2012, when they only paid $3.50 per gallon of gas and $4.00 for diesel.
According to one scenario predicted by the U.S. Energy Information Administration, crude oil prices (which dictate fuel prices) may skyrocket to $186 per barrel by the year 2017, double current 2012 valuations. Gas and diesel at seven to eight bucks a gallon would be tough on families and on businesses, too. That’s because when high demand and low supply shove crude oil prices through the ceiling, households divert spending to energy. And as seen in recent years, those tough spending choices can hobble businesses and the nation’s economy. “Sudden large price increases create widespread uncertainty about appropriate production techniques, purchases of new equip- ment, and consumer durable goods like automobiles, and wage and price negotiations,” states a Department of Energy (DOE) report titled, Economic Effects of High Oil Prices. “As firms and house- holds adjust to the new conditions, some plants and equipment will remain idle, some workers will be temporarily unemployed, and the economy may no longer operate along its long-run production- possibility frontier.”…

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